Automated Guided Vehicle

Sinewave Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of Automated Guided Vehicle. Material Handling System with integration to conveyor, Manufacturing assembly station and ASRS.

Automated Guided Vehicle

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 Application :  Material Handling / Loading - Unloading
 Guided System :  Powerful PC Based Guided System with
 a) Obstacle Sensing
 b) Job Transfer through inbuilt Conveyor
 c) Safety Sensors to avoid Collision's
 d) Station Identification
 Load Capacity :  35 Kg
 Maximum Travel Speed :  20 Meters / Minute max.
 Minimum Turning Radius :  1000 mm max.
 Load Capacity :  Color / Background Suppression Sensor
 Minimum Turning Radius :  1000 mm X 350 mm X 1200 mm (W X D X H)
 Drive :  DC Drive
 Communication :  Wi-FI
 Diamensions :  500 mm X 600 mm X 1100 mm (W X D X H)

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