Level Loop Control Trainers

Sinewave Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of Process Control Trainer's.

Detailed Description
Sinewave Process Control Trainer can be Customised as per the requirement with various options such as PID Based, PLC Based and Advanced PC Based System.

➢ Compact laboratory type mini plant
➢ User Friendly control panel
➢ Leak proof CPVC piping with safety measures
➢ Failsafe electrical protections & safety Considerations
➢ Training manuals, mimic charts for operation ease
➢ Sturdy frame with caster wheel arrangement for ease in movement
➢ All component with CE / ISI / ISO standards

Level Loop Control Trainers

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 Brand :  Sinewave Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
 Model :  VIP - 10
 Input :  4-20mA
 Output :  4-20mA/SSR
 Display :  LED
 Type :  Universal Type
 Inbuilt :  ADC I/P & O/P
 Sump Tank (with drain plug)
 Capacity :  100 Ltr Approx
 Size :  400 x 400 x 600 mm Approx.
 Size :  14.3 mm
 Action :  Air to open
 Type :  Linear percentage type
 Input :  4-20 mA
 Output :  3 To 15 psi
 Range :  200 to 2000 Lpm
 Media :  Water
 Sheet metal fabricated
 Powder coated / painted control panel
 Complete wired up unit.
 Necessary switches, indicators mounted on the panel
 Water Pump
 Type :  Centrifugal
 Capacity :  1/2 HP, 1 Phase
 Computer Interface (Optional)
 SCADA Software connectivity for analysis of system trainer
 Type :  Acrylic
 Capacity :  40 Ltr approx.
 Size :  200 x 200 x 600 mm approx.
 FRL Unit
 Input :  Upto 10 Kg/cm2
 Output :  0 to 2 kg/cm2
 Supply :  24VDC
 Output :  4 20mA
 Mounting :  Field mounting type
 Range :  0-2000 Lpm
 Type :  Capacitance

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